Its all about Information

Its all about Information

May 26, 2019

These days running a business or society is all about getting up to date information to your potential customers, you can use social media like Facebook or Twitter to get information across but if you have a website for people to visit you can have so much more information for your customers to view. As a newcomer to Belize and being used to just picking up my phone to find what I need it has come as quite a shock at the lack of web-based information available, so much so that I have been buying items I need from the UK or China and getting them shipped in. Believe me, I would much rather source stuff locally but I really don’t have time to trawl around potential suppliers to find what I need. Back in the UK, I used to do websites for customers who wanted to get their information available for customers to find easily, I used WordPress as a base to make these sites as it is a very stable platform to work from, and it enabled me to produce web sites at an economical cost for my customers.

So I am offering my services and experience to all the Business owners in Belize who have not come into the 21st century I can build you a site at an economical price link it to Facebook and Twitter so if you need to update your info it will automatically update. Give me a call or email and I can discuss your requirements and get your business the boost it deserves.


m: 630-7153


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