Let us Build you an E-commerce site

Let us Build you an E-commerce site

February 1, 2018

Belize business really needs to get up to date, so many business e-commerce Web sites are not well structured or don’t even exist. These days people who want to buy the products you sell are keen to shop online, either from their PC or Smartphone, all from the comfort of their armchair. It is essential for you the business owner to get your self up on the web to gain maximum exposure and increase your share of the sales. Act now before your competitors get a working e-commerce site and clean up.

I am an Englishman now living in Belize and I have been building successful e-commerce sites for many years in the UK. Please believe when I say that it is essential that you act now before people find sites they like and buy their goods elsewhere.

Nothing is more frustrating than going to a store, finding suitable parking, locating the shop only to find they don’t have what you want. I am sure that you recognize this experience, with an up to date e-commerce site you can make sure your customer comes to you and gets what they want,¬† everyone is happy you have made a sale and your customer goes away with what they want with the minimum of fuss, allowing them to enjoy the rest of their day. This will also bring customer loyalty because you will be the first one they try if they are looking for similar stuff.

Give me a call or email us to discuss your requirements, and I will build you a site that will give you a better shot at making money for your business, we can also link it to your Facebook page to give you the best exposure for your products.

We use WordPress as a base for your site it a very stable product and we can build you a site starting at an economical $250.00. This will get you your Domain name and a website of up to 5 pages laying out the basic information about your business. What you do, where you are situated business hours etc.

If you want a fully working e-commerce site it will cost you a bit more depending on how many items, price breaks, options etc you need to list a basic  e-commerce site will be the $250.00 plus $3.00 per item listed on the site we can set the site up so your customers can order the goods for pickup or delivery by your firm. Of course, you will also have to pay web hosting fees as well but I am currently looking into supplying an economical supplier for this.

Once you have your site live it’s really important to maintain and keep monitoring it for emails and messages nothing vex’s a potential customer more than lack of response.

I can make the site so that you can run it, or for a modest fee, I can do the job for you. I will also keep the SEO up to date.

Call me on 630 7153

or Email: info@belizeweb.bz

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